Frequently asked questions


This is our opportunity to discover what is financially and personally important to you. We will address your values, goals, relationships and interests and review your existing assets and liabilities. You will also have the chance to learn about how we help our clients gain financial peace of mind and then determine if your needs and our services are a good fit.


Based on the information reviewed at the discovery meeting, we will present an investment plan based on your needs, wants and investment experience. The plan will be designed based on your tax profile as well as your personal tolerance for risk. All fees and expenses will be transparent so you will be fully informed.


After you have had the opportunity to review the investment plan, we will get back together to initiate the implementation of your investment plan. At this meeting, we will establish your new accounts, deposit funds and transfer assets. In addition, we will establish your online access to all of your accounts. We will also address proper account titling as well as beneficiary designations.